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Mental Gym®

An innovative and effective intervention for stress management, peak performance and resilience. The method was developed by Dr. Yuval Oded, a psychologist and neuropsychologist, based on 20 years of experience in preparing people for coping with stress, and is registered as a trademark in Israel and an international patent.

Developing skill for dealing with stress

MentalGym™ is a method that combines knowledge derived from clinical psychology, neuropsychology and clinical psychophysiology to cope with stress.

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Technology for optimal performance

During stress, adrenaline is released, our heart beats quickly and we breathe faster. read all about the Mental Gym™ technology for optimal performance.

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Worldwide collaborations with MentalGym™

MenteGym™ has professional and business worldwide collaborations and Israel, both in the field of research and development and in the field of mental fitness.

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