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What is a mentalGym™

The Mental Gym® is a practical mental training program that helps participants to cope better with stressors and to be able to keep an emotional and physical balance in their everyday tasks. This new multidisciplinary training developed by Dr Yuval Oded combines a number of methodologies: biofeedback, neurofeedback, mindfulness, stress inoculation techniques, imagery, and various problem solving and attentional training methods.

Our Unique Workshops

Stress is an inevitable part of a busy, modern life. Our nervous system is not yet optimally adapted to such stressors. Years of experience of working with the military, with athletes and with clients with post traumatic disorders, psychosomatic disorders and anxiety disorders gave us the insights and the understanding of human response and adaptability to stress. This lead us to develop a unique program to manage stress, build resilience and help you thrive and maintain a healthy satisfying life.